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about the 2020 citywide stadium revival event.

We believe the so many words that have been spoken over the last 110 years that Houston is a gateway for Texas and for Revival to spread throughout this state and this nation. In the natural, immigrants would come into the state through what was known as "Little Ellis Island" (Galveston, TX) in the 1800s and purchase oxen and wagons to travel to or through Houston, many times to flee religious persecution or oppression in their own homelands. They sought the American Dream to settle and prosper in this Lone Star state. Today, merchants from all lands travel up a 40-mile canal to the port of Houston, send their products for distribution by way of 17 different railroad lines that converge here, or visit by way of Houston's two international airports. And then there's "Space City" which is also considered a gateway to outer space.

Today Houston has claimed the population of being the 3rd largest city in the USA, but revival seeds were sown way back by then-residents Charles Parham, John G. Lake and William Seymour when Houston was much smaller. Due to segregation at the time, William Seymour sat on the porch, listening intently through the screen to Charles Parham as he taught the Bible college students inside. When he felt called by the Lord to go to Los Angeles, the college raised money for his travels, and when he started preaching to a full spectrum of races on Azusa Street there, revival history was made! Houstonians have mourned their loss of the revival seed in William Seymour, mourned the prejudice of that era, but prophecy has been that what Houston missed 100 years ago will return with not just a spark, but a full-blown inferno!

Like the sons of Issachar, our leaders of faith now KNOW it's time. It's time to gather. It's time to unify. It's time to release the sound. It's time to cry out. It's time for REVIVAL!

  • Where

    Constellation Field  (Skeeters Stadium) 1 Stadium Drive
    Sugar Land, TX 77498

  • When

  • Time

    10:00 am to 10:00 pm

  • No Cost

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Event detail

Constellation Field (Skeeters Stadium)
1 Stadium Drive
Sugar Land, TX 77498 United States of America.

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