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Water Baptism Preparation

Water Baptism Requirements
A person who receives Jesus Christ as Savior by a profession of faith; who professes Him publicly in the presence of witnesses; and who indicates a commitment to follow Christ as Lord shall be received for water baptism (immersion by water).
Note: Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to be received for Water Baptism. An unaccompanied minor is not eligible for Water Baptism.
Water Baptism will be available 3 times throughout the day: late morning, afternoon and late evening in the Picnic Plaza area. You can pre-register by clicking HERE; otherwise, you can register onsite after the announcement is made that we are ready to receive Water Baptism Candidates.
Below is information to help you be better prepared for the water baptism.
Preparing at Home
⦁ Hygiene is a must! Please make sure you take a bath/shower the night before or the morning of the water baptism. Please do NOT wear any lotion or oils that will wash off in the water.
⦁ Please wear a dark shirt and shorts/pants.
⦁ You will be immersed (body completely under the water) in the water so please bring a change of clothes, including undergarments, with you so you can change into dry clothes after being baptized.
⦁ Bring a bath towel to dry yourself.
⦁ Bring a bag to carry your clothes and towel.
⦁ OPTIONAL: Bring a swim cap or plastic shower cap with you if you do not want your hair to get soaking wet.
⦁ OPTIONAL: If you have a cell phone, then please bring it with you to complete the online Water Baptism Registration form prior to being baptized once instructed. If you do not have a cell phone, then a Baptism Volunteer will complete the Water Baptism Registration for you.
Preparing for Water Baptism
⦁ After the announcement is made that we are ready to receive Water Baptism Candidates, please proceed to the pool area in the Picnic Plaza.
⦁ If you are not in your clothes to get baptized then please go to the restroom and change into your clothes, then proceed to the pool area in the Picnic Plaza
⦁ A Baptism Volunteer will ask you to form into a single-file line with the other Water Baptism Candidates.
⦁ Once instructed by the Baptism Volunteer, complete the Water Baptism Registration form online at ⦁ by clicking "Water Baptism Registration". Note: Although you can pre-register now, the Water Baptism Registration form, which serves as confirmation of your actual baptism, will only be made available on the day of your actual baptism.
⦁ Place all your belongings except your bath towel in your bag.
⦁ Make sure to empty your pockets.
⦁ Take off socks/hosiery and shoes.
⦁ If you plan on wearing a swimming cap or plastic shower cap, then please place it over your hair right before you get baptized.
⦁ Wait in line until you are asked to come forward for Water Baptism.
The Water Baptism
⦁ As instructed, proceed to the pool area.
⦁ A Baptism Volunteer will hold your bag of personal belongings and towel, if needed.
⦁ There will be two Baptism Ministers in the pool waiting to receive you.
⦁ You will slowly step into the pool then you will turn facing the baseball field.
⦁ Once you're in position, one of the Baptism Ministers will ask you one or more questions to confirm that you have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Please listen to the question(s), then respond truthfully.
⦁ Once instructed, take one hand and pinch your nose and take the opposite hand and hold the wrist of the hand that is pinching your nose.
⦁ The Baptism Minister will put one hand behind your back and push you backward with the other hand into the water. Keep your nose pinched, hold your breath, and close your eyes as you go down into and completely under the water.
⦁ The Baptism Ministers will assist to lift you up from under the water.
⦁ Once the Baptism Ministers pull you up from under the water you can release your breath, open your eyes, and release your hand from your nose.
⦁ Wipe your face with your hand(s). Slowly step out of the pool.
⦁ You will be given your towel and personal belongings as you exit the pool.
⦁ Ministers will be available to pray with you after you exit the immediate pool area.
⦁ Change into dry clothes after the Water Baptism.
Water Baptism Certificate
⦁ Your Water Baptism Certificate will be emailed to the email address you provided on the Water Baptism Registration form within two weeks of the baptism.
⦁ If you do not receive the Water Baptism Certificate then please check your Junk Mail. If the Water Baptism Certificate is not located within your Junk Mail, then please notify us at so we can resend you the Water Baptism Certificate.

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