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Do I Need to get Baptized (again)?

Genuine Baptism vs. a "Form" of Baptism

Water Baptism Requirements

A person who receives Jesus Christ as Savior by a profession of faith; who professes Him publicly at any worship service; and who indicates a commitment to follow Christ as Lord shall be received for water baptism (immersion by water).

Genuine baptism is needed only one time in a person's life. Once a person has met the qualifications above and has been properly baptized (immersion in water), he or she never has the need to repeat this "new birth" process.

A person may be re-baptized if the baptism was a "form of baptism" but wasn't a "genuine" baptism.

"Re-Baptism" should prayerfully be considered if:

You were baptized as an Infant and not re-baptized later in life
⦁ Infants lack personal faith and have neither the need nor the ability to respond to the gospel of Christ. If one was "baptized" as an infant, then re-baptism is warranted once the child/adult has reached a maturity level in which he/she receives Jesus Christ and has met the Water Baptism Requirements.
Your Baptism was without immersion
⦁ If one was "baptized" in some fashion other than by immersion (sprinkled with water or having water poured upon the head) then he/she should consider baptism by immersion.
Your Baptism was without repentance or purpose
⦁ If one was "baptized" without this act having been accompanied by genuine repentance (i.e., a person was baptized because everyone else was doing it or because his/her parents told him/her to, etc.) then he/she should be re-baptized.
Your Baptism was without faith
⦁ If one is "baptized" without a sound faith basis, this ritual would be of no avail. (i.e., a person got baptized not knowing who Jesus really is or a person is a Jehovah Witness baptized and at the time, only believed in Jesus as a prophet, not as Lord and Savior. If one was baptized without faith then he/she should be re-baptized.

You were drawn away from the faith for an extended period of time
⦁ Although it is not required, one who was drawn away from the faith (i.e., a prodigal and/or turned away from God, etc.) and is now recommitting him/herself to Christ can get re-baptized to publicly acknowledge his/her recommitment to the Lord.

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