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Small Groups

Salt & Light: Everyday Discipleship is a small group study to equip new believers to share the hope and love of Christ with others in a more fruitful way. It promotes disciple making as a lifestyle that is intentional by equipping believers to initiate spiritual conversations and share the Gospel, Bible stories and personal testimonies fluently. We meet weekly for 24 weeks - three modules of eight lessons each. In preparation of each week, we daily read, meditate upon and practice telling aloud in our own words a different Bible story. In addition, each week there is a "Training Topic" designed to help us learn the basics of being a disciple, sharing Christ with others, growing in Christ, and becoming a disciple maker. If you would like to join a group or you would like more information, then please contact Mary Lu at

Alpha is a welcoming place for anyone to go where they discuss the hard questions of life, and you can freely express your views without judgement. It's a place where you can have fun, laugh, and learn much about your own views on faith. Alpha was created by the church, for the church, and offered through the church for individuals to use personally as a tool to develop relationships that eventually lead to an encounter with Jesus Christ. I hope this helps you with the wording before you place it on your site.

Alpha is worldwide. You have the option of meeting in-person or online. Ready to journey through questions of life, faith, and God?

Click the link below for more information or to find an Alpha group you could join:

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